Facts and Figures

We are a small country with a great mind. Since the middle ages, the area we now know as the Czech Republic was a centre of commerce, innovation and political events shaping history. But before we dive into it, let's read some basic facts:

  • Official name: The Czech Republic
  • Situated in: Central Europe, often called the Heart of Europe
  • Official language: Czech
  • Area: 78,866 sq km
  • 12th safest country in the world
  • Neighbours: Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia
  • Currency: Czech Crown,  CZK
  • Population: 10.67 million
  • Capital: Praha / Prague (1.3 million) 
  • Political system: parliamentary republic, a bicameral parliamentary system with 281 representatives
  • Head of state: president
  • Significant membership: European Union, Schengen Area, NATO, OECD, WTO
  • Every citizen or foreigner enjoys the freedom of religion
  • Cradle of genetics, contact lenses, water turbine, blood types, nanofibers and many more (including sugar cubes and lager beer)

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