Get to know Brno

First things first – Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic, big enough to have all of the things you might need or want and small enough so that you will soon get to the first-name bases with your favourite barista.

  • Brno has a total population of 382,405
  • 62,215 university students study in Brno, 13,925 of them are students from abroad.
  • Brno was voted 6th most popular student city in the QS ranking.
  • 5,020 doctoral students are studying in Brno, of which 1,297 are international. In total, up to 45,000 foreigners live in Brno.
  • The average wage in Brno is 38,991 CZK.
  • The unemployment rate in Brno is only 3,8 % – a record low.

More things you should know

Since we are not the capital of the republic, we have always needed to try harder, push forward and be more progressive. Thanks to this, Brno is now dubbed a Silicon Valley of the region, became the world centre of electron microscopy, hosts multiple international companies not only in the IT industry and spawns start-ups on regular bases.

On the other hand, Brno stays friendly and personal, with people-oriented focus, so that you can enjoy the following perks:

  • Reliable public transport affordable to anyone, which takes you anywhere in the city even at 4 AM.
  • Numerous parks where you can sport or relax, places to swim and sunbathe, beautiful countryside just a few minutes behind the city border.
  • Festivals, concerts, museum and gallery events, theatre performances in English, alternative city guides, buskers and more.
  • Unique gastronomical, coffee and cocktail scene noticed for example by New York Times and the Guardian.
  • Bike, scooters, skateboards, longboards, unicycles and any other alternative means of transport are standard in the city centre.

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