How to get to Brno

Brno, being in the very centre of Europe, is easily accessible by plane, train or a bus. Check out all of these possibilities below!

By airplane

The nearest airports are in Brno, Prague, Vienna or Bratislava. For the cheapest flights check:

International Airport Brno-Tuřany is regularly served by flights from London-Stansted. There are many seasonal flights to and from the Greek islands, Egypt, Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria. To get to Brno-Hlavní nádraží (central railway station) and Brno-Zvonařka (bus station) you can use lines E76 with buses running every 30 minutes, or N89 (night bus service, operating between 11:00pm and 05:00am and running every hour). The journey takes around 20 minutes. For more information go to: Brno-airport

Other possible connections are via Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague, Wien-Schwechat Airport in Vienna or Bratislava Airport. Buses heading downtown to train and bus stations are available at the airport terminals.

By train

Brno is an important rail junction situated on the Balkans – Budapest – Prague – Berlin – Scandinavia rail route. All Euro city trains stop in Brno. The distance from Prague to Brno is 256 kilometres, from Vienna 155 kilometres, from Bratislava 132 kilometres, from Berlin 566 kilometres and from Wroclaw 312 kilometres. The central railway station is located in the centre of Brno. You can search for rail connections at the following address: You can buy your ticket online on the website of the České dráhy company: RegioJet and LEO express also operate trains from Prague and Vienna to Brno.

How to get from Prague or Vienna to Brno?

First you need to get from the airport to the center by taking the city shuttle and then the metro (underground) to get to the train station (ask at the info desk at the airport about the details). There are two possible train stations: "Praha, hlavní nádraží", and "Praha-Holešovice" schedule online at You will than get the list of all possible trains, make sure to choose only a direct train to Brno so that you do not have to change the train. The trip from Prague to Brno will take around 3 hours. You can buy your ticket online on the website of the České dráhy company: or RegioJet: and Leo Express:
If you are taking the train from Vienna to Brno, then you need to take a bus from Vienna airport to the train station. Take the bus that takes you to Wien Meidling (direction to Wien Westbahnhof but do not forget to get off the bus in the station "Wien Meidling", bus schedule can be found here: That´s the name of the train station from where you can take the direct train to Brno. When you get off the bus, you will find the train station right next to you, buy the ticket to get to Brno hlavní nadraží (main train station). To check the train schedule from Vienna to Brno, go to and follow tha same steps as mentioned above. The trip takes around 1,5 hours. 

In both cases, from either Prague or Vienna, you will reach the same destination in Brno, that is Brno hlavní nádraží (Brno main train station).

By car/bus

Brno can be reached via motorways heading from Prague (210 km), from Bratislava (130 km) or from Vienna (135 km).
There are several bus service operators on these routes. Some of the buses depart directly from the airports (see above). The connections can be found at or at the web pages of a particular transportation company.

From Prague:
RegioJet´s buses leave from Prague´s Václav Havel airport and from Praha-Florenc bus station. All buses arrive to Brno-Grand hotel bus station. To see the timetable and buy your ticket, go to:

Flixbus operates buses from Praha-Florence bus station only arriving at the same place as RegioJet.

From Vienna:
RegioJet and Flixbus operate direct buses from Vienna’s Schwechat airport and both of them stop at Brno-Grand hotel bus station. LEO Express also leaves from the Vienna airport, but stops at Brno-Zvonařka bus station.

Public transport in Brno

There is an excellent public transport system in Brno with bus, tram and trolleybus lines including night bus lines. Students are entitled to a reduced transport fare based on the confirmation of study issued by Brno Public Transport Company and confirmed by the study department at the faculty.  There is a possibility to arrange the online non-transferable ticket to public transport in Brno. We highly recommend you to buy the online ticket, since it is very easy and safe your time.

Fares for Public Transport

Ticket for 15 min costs 20 CZK
Ticket for 60 min costs 25 CZK
Ticket for 90 min costs 33 CZK

Traveling to city and don't know where to buy a ticket? No probleme, you can use credit card directly in tram or bus: 

The time tables can be found at each stop and on-line at:

You can use BrnoiD for your administration with city and also public transport. More info at: 

For more information about the public transport system, going by car or by bike and about inter-city transport, visit:

Intercity transport

The Brno area and the entire country are equipped with a wide network of bus and train links. All bus tickets can be bought at the main Bus Station at Zvonařka. When travelling to Prague, bus connections are also available from Student Agency, opposite the Grand Hotel nearby the Main Railway Station. The bus to Prague leaves every half an hour, with student tickets costing about 210 Czech crowns. You can buy train tickets at the Main Railway Station - both intercity and international - at a reduced price if you show your International Student Identity Card. Information about bus and train timetables can be found here.

Useful links - Schedule of trams, buses, trolley-buses - Timetable of transport in Brno

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