Czech language

Czech is a West Slavic language spoken by over 10 million people. It is very similar to Slovak language to the point where Czechs and Slovaks can speak in their respective languages and understand each other with no problems. For non-slavs, Czech is considered hard, since it is an inflective language with a lot of rules concerning grammar, orthography, diacritics, interpunction etc. Actually, it is so complicated, that even adult natives make mistakes on regular basis. Fortunately, English is completely sufficient for your life in Brno. And if you want to learn some Czech phrases, you can go for example here:

Of course, it is good to ocme prepared. If you would like to study Czech preparatory course, you have mutliple options:

Language/preparatory courses – Masaryk University

All of the information needed can be found here.

Language/preparatory courses – Brno University of Technology

All of the information needed can be found here

Language schools

The South Moravian Centre for Integration of Foreigners holds free Czech courses for foreigners. For more details, visit this page.

There is also a wide choice of private language schools teaching Czech:

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