Recognition of previous foreign education 

Recognition of previous study (so called NOSTRIFICATION) is an obligatory condition required by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic for students who apply for degree programmes. The recognition is provided by the official authorities.

Universities cannot give you the admission without the recognition of your previous education.

Applicants for bachelor level

You can do this by yourself (at the Czech Ministry of Education), hire a company (search the Internet)  to do it for you or we can provide an assistence with the process. 

The cost of the nostrification (if we provide the assistence) is 4000 CZK this includes: translation of your documents, notary confirmation, nostrification fee, administrative fee.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 at the year of your graduation to pass the nostrification. If you were 17, you will be ordered to do nostrification exams for which you have to be present in the Czech Republic (from some countries, you will not be able to get visa for it). Also students who come from countries that have 11 years of school before entering university will also have to pass nostrification exams.

If we provide an assistence, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Application for recognition
  • Power of Attorney - you give power to one of our workers to submit the application for you (fill in the yellow parts only)
  • Secondary school leaving certificate with grades – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication)
  • Copy of passport
  • List of courses taken during the whole secondary school including the number of hours taken in each course. For the successful recognition the total must be more then 4 000 hours - officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication)

 CITIZENS OF EU: Do not have to prove 4000 hours. You only need to have a document from your school that states that after completing your high school education you are eligible to enter university in your own country. (document must be officialy authenticated)

All the required documents must be translated into English by an official translator and we will provide the translation into Czech. The documents can be also directly translated into Czech but this translation has to be done by an official, Czech court appointed translator.

 Applicants for master level

Applicants for the master level study must prove the recognition of their bachelor education which is arranged by public universities in the Czech Republic according to the study field. 

To apply for the recognition the master applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Application for recognition
  • Bachelor diploma – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication)
  • Transcript of records – officially authenticated copy (please, see below the type of authentication)
  • All required documents must be translated into English or Czech. For the successful recognition the regular duration of the bachelor study must be at least 6 semesters

Types of authentication

There are three types of authentication of your documents divided by the countries where the education has been achieved and where the university diploma has been issued:

  • States that have signed a multilateral agreement on legal assistance   – documents are valid on the territories of the signatory states without need of further authentication; an officially authenticated copy of the diploma and its official translation are required. 

  • States that are signatories to the Apostille Convention for simplified authentication of public documents (the Hague Convention). An apostille is a unified form of authentication of documents issued by the competent administrative body of the state in which the diploma was issued.  PLEASE SEE COMMON MISTAKES (below)

  • Other countries – the documents attesting to the completion of a degree course must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country of the foreign higher education institution that has issued the document, and the diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic in the country concerned. 

Please, be aware that delivered documents will not be returned to you after a nostrification process so please, submit officially authenticated copies not original documents.

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