Why study in Brno

First and foremost, Brno is a great place to live. Not too big and not too small, affordable, full of exciting opportunities, lively events or hidden cafés to spend a lazy afternoon in, it accommodates every student’s need. 

City of students

There are over 60,000 students in Brno and the city is shaped by them significantly. There are 12 universities and 60+ secondary schools with campuses, buildings, labs and sports fields all around the city. Students are a big part of Brno’s life and everything counts with them – from public transports frequency through student discounts in pizza places to opening hours of shops. For all those reasons and more, Brno was voted 6th most popular student city worldwide in the QS ranking and the 4th best student city in the world according to the Campus Advisor.

Source: Schmerkova

Prestigious education and state-of-the-art facilities for affordable prices

Since we do not benefit from the easy position of the oldest universities in the country, we have to get ahead in progressivity and innovation. While the rest of the universities’ students were still running around with paper indexes, we developed award-winning information systems for studies management. We formed strong connections with technological giants in our respective fields and created our F1 car. We developed ground-breaking techniques in forestry and viticulture.

Moreover, education in Brno is very affordable. The cost of living is not high, the prices of programmes as well, and thanks to the various scholarships and the possibility to work a part-time job with the student visa, financing one's studies is not a problem.


Now, you can study at our campuses just a few minutes from the historic city centre using the best equipment available. Given the hands-on approach our universities employ, it is vital that our students are equipped to work with the best facilities so that they can transfer smoothly into the worklife of the best positions anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether you want to be an engineer, English teacher or a brewer, we will prepare you to work with the best the field has to offer.

Source: BUT

Avoid the “You must have the experience to get experience” paradox

The universities are the backbone of the city and thus are connected with everything going on here. Thanks to this – and our approach favouring internships and practical placements – you will be able to gain interesting experience to fill your CV during your studies. Moreover, your contacts gained while studying will likely prove more than sufficient to help you find a job afterwards – that is,  if you choose to stay in Brno. Thanks to the student status, you will be able to work part- or full-time during your studies as well!

Source: BUT

Gain international experience

Up to 65,000 foreigners live in Brno, forming a vibrant expat community. Locals are generally friendly to foreigners, even though some of the older people will probably have a problem with understanding English, and Czech students love to spend time with their international counterparts to meet another culture or just to practice their English. When you would like to find a totally international community, you can frequent some of the bars the expats like to go to or visit English stand-up comedy or a theatre performance.

To tune-up the international experience even further, participate on Erasmus or other “exchange” study programme – you can spend up to two semesters of your studies abroad, finding a new perspective for your field, collaborating on projects and expanding your cultural horizons. For some fields in the near future, the international placement is going to be not only encouraged, but required.

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