Birth and Death of Democracy?

Birth and Death of Democracy?

Birth and Death of Democracy?

3-week course with excursions to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

Masaryk University
Faculty of Social Studies
€ 2,000 (1,600 for partner universities)
26 June–17 July

About summer programme
History has taught us that governments are fluid, able to move between dictatorships, autocracies, democracies and monarchies. This course uses the Central-European path to democracy and applies the knowledge learned to the problems of today's world. Central Europe’s political, social and economic transformation of the 1990s provides an excellent case study for students looking to better understand the complexities of forming democratic societies. By narrowing in on the experiences of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, students will analyze what did and did not work, and apply these learnings to countries undergoing transitions today.

Through the interdisciplinary lens, students deconstruct the social barriers to political and economic change. Each module compares lessons of Central Europe to current examples, enabling students to see a direct relation to what they are learning. Students come away with a better knowledge of the Central European transformation, and how politics, society, law and economics are interconnected in country transformations.

The participants of this course will:
Grasp the theory of relevant academic fields towards a major transformation of state system
Learn about cases of the Czech and its neighbours’ transformation experience and assess it critically based on the theory and comparison
Engage in stimulating interdisciplinary and intercultural discussions about current cases of transition states in the world
Utilize acquired knowledge of the transformation theory and practice and apply it to a current country undergoing transformation in the world.

Deadline: 15 April

Student experience
It was one of the most insightful, enjoyable, and eye opening experiences of my life. The staff are all wonderful people, they truly care about making your experience meaningful, and Brno is an incredible city to call home for a little while.
USA, Edgewood College

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