CzechMates Internship

CzechMates Internship

CzechMates Internship

spend 10 weeks in an internship and travel to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest

Masaryk University
Faculty of Social Studies
€ 2,800 (2,300 for partner universities)
31 May–8 August (Intensive internship: 24 June–8 August)

About summer programme
Summer internship opportunities within a spectrum of local, regional, and multinational companies in Brno are available for those students seeking an internship option beyond the beaten path to extend their international experiential acumen.

Varied Internship Sites in the following disciplines/areas including: Advertising, PR, Strategic Communication, Journalism, Social Justice, Arts, Fashion, Sports Communication, IT, Business, Marketing, Interna­tional Relations, AG/Food Science, Sustainability, Public Policy, Practi­cal Research (Kinesiology/Exercise/Aging). Get more information.

Please note: this programme can be combined with the Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture programme, for more information please write to  

Instructor: C. Michael Elavsky is an award-winning American instructor and research scholar (formerly tenured at The Pennsylvania State University) with 20 years in-country academic experience including 2 US State Department Fulbright Scholar appointments.

Why this programme: Students do not need to choose between a fulfilling internship in their field and a study abroad opportunity. Students will be able to learn and experience Brno, while traveling to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna.

Learning outcomes: Learning outcomes will depend on the agreement between supervisors and students, however each internship is designed to enhance the students professional experience.

Deadline: 15 April

Student experience
By the end of my internship I had learned a great deal about both my new colleagues and friends and myself, and it was difficult to imagine a better way to have spent a semester. Though my options for studying abroad had been virtually limitless, I realized after closing out my time in the Czechmates program that really there had only been one option all along – and it certainly proved to be the right one.
2019 participant

For information on the academic outline, cultural programme and more

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