Human Rights and International Law

Human Rights and International Law

Human Rights and International Law

Online winter school in 2022.

Masaryk University
Faculty of Law
€ 700 (600 for partner universities)
10–28 January 2022

About summer programme
Masaryk University is located in the judicial capital of the Czech Republic making it a perfect location to study law. This online course takes students through different aspects of international law and how human rights intersect with it. Students will have virtual site visits to the UN in Vienna and Radio Free Europe to discuss how Human Rights intersects with their fields.

This programme uniquely offers students to be taught by esteemed professors, and current members of the court.  

Why this programme: This online course seeks to not only expand students’ academic knowledge, but also seeks to pull on the strengths of having students from all over the world enrol. The course will encourage students to learn not just from their professors but also from their peers through in class discussions and group projects.

Learning outcomes: This program is designed to teach students about international law from the European and Czech perspective. As well as enhance students intercultural communication skills through working in group projects with students from other nations.

At the end of the course students should be able to:
Understand what the human rights are and how they are structured
Key actors and instruments in the field of protection of human rights
Limits and conflicts of some of the basic freedoms (e.g. of expression)
What is the access to the legal help in the Czech Republic and in CEE region

Deadline: 15 December 2021 (discount upon applying till 1 November)

Student experience
I really enjoyed how interactive the course was, especially considering that it was online. Instead of lecture style teaching, I appreciated that this course allowed discussions and conversations. Overall, this was a great course and would definitely recommend it to students interested in law, philosophy, history, politics and international relations.
Tyler Ekback
USA, University of Glasgow

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