International Relations and Threats to Global Security

International Relations and Threats to Global Security

International Relations and Threats to Global Security

Online winter school in 2022.

Masaryk University
Faculty of Social Studies
€ 700 (600 for partner universities)
10–28 January 2022

About summer programme
This intensive and dynamic course involves academic classes, active group work, guest presentations and virtual field trips. It is ideal for students studying international relations, politics, security studies or policing, criminal studies, international relations, history or international law. The programme is ideally located for students to be able to gain a regional perspective on both the historical and modern aspects as well as military and non-military security threats to international security.

Why this programme: This online course seeks to not only expand students understanding of the complexities of global security, but also seeks to pull on the strengths of having students from all over the world enrol. The course will encourage students to learn not just from their professors but also from their peers.

Learning outcomes: This program is designed to give students an understanding of some of the fundamental international security issues and their implications for Europe and the world, while also expanding intercultural connections.

Deadline: 15 December 2021 (discount upon applying till 1 November)

Student experience
I enjoyed the broad spectrum of topics. It helped me identify key areas of interest and provide a clear direction for future study. The structure was dynamic with lectures, visits and quizzes mixed together and this helped to keep me interested. Each lecturer was both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their specialist area and this encouraged me to engage and further research topics after the course.
Sara Robson
UK, Keel University

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